Great Northern

Saturday, I had an exciting, fun day with my two sisters.  We went to a sale at Great Northern Weaving/Edgemont Yarns, 451 E. D Avenue, Kalamazoo, MI 49009   1-800-446-5977. We had a ball!!!

My sister crochets rag rugs from strips of fabric.  I have a weaving loom and weave rag rugs from strips of fabric, loopers ( cotton loops similar to the loops used to make potholders ), and selvages ( factory selvages from decor fabric ).  Great Northern carries all of these items plus loom warp (the strings you weave on) and many types of yarn.

Warp Shelves

Although these supplies are intended for weavers, the fabrics can easily be used for quilts.  The fabrics come in rolls of different widths and are different types of fabrics but I was able to find a wonderful collection of cotton fabrics that are more than suitable for quilt making.

Emma and the women who work with her at Great Northern are very friendly and knowledgeable. They made our shopping experience fun.  We even got to visit the "back rooms" and to see what goes on there!!!

Winding Room

The equipment in this area is used to wind warp onto spools.

Loom Room

A new weaving loom is being built in this room.  You can order your new loom from Great Northern and they will create it for you. I would love to do a "make and take" class here and build a loom myself!!!

Back Room

These rolls are stock, in the back, waiting to be shelved for sale.  I also got to fill bags with my favorite colors of loopers.  I love the rugs woven with loopers.  They work up with little bumps that massage your feet!!!  They're especially great for bath mats.


This is where the bales of selvages are pulled and sorted by colors.  The rugs made from these pieces are kind of fuzzy with a really soft texture.

I certainly hope you will have a chance to visit Great Northern Weaving.  It was a unique and fun experience.  I don't know of any other place quite like it and was happy to get the supplies I needed for my weaving projects.  It was an added bonus to find another source for fabric for quilts and since the fabric comes on rolls......I can now make one piece borders!!!

Happy Quilting,