Great News

Great News!!! I'm back to work on my long arm machine!  I know it doesn't sound like much but it feels sooo good. It's been a long recovery and I am happy to be getting back to normal. I want to thank all of you who stuck with me. Thank you for your patience and concern.

I was a little worried that I may have lost my touch after being away from my long arm quilting machine for so many months so I did a couple of practice pieces before working on a pieced quilt.  Quilting a couple of panels assured me that my quilting skills were not lost and created a couple of quilts that will be welcomed by the children's hospital.


After quilting the practice pieces, I quilted this beautiful eight-point star quilt. This is a music themed quilt. Even the black fabric is a tone-on-tone printed with musical symbols.

I get tired a little quicker than I used to and I know it will take me a little while to build up my stamina. Thanks to all of you who dropped off quilts to be quilted while I was recovering. Telling me you knew I'd be better soon and you would rather wait for me than bring your quilts somewhere else to be quilted was good medicine for me.  More quilts were delivered this week and I enjoyed visiting and seeing new projects.

Quilting makes me happy!

Happy Quilting,