Grandson's Fabric Shopping

When my grandson was in town  for my son's wedding, we were running errands and stopped at Joann Fabrics to pick up some stabilizer and a few spools of thread.  While we were walking through the aisles of fabric, he spotted a bolt with orange and red flames that he really liked, then he saw the orange and yellow flames and asked if we could get some to use in a quilt!   He loves the flames on race cars and superheroes, as most boys his age, and of course I said yes.  Next, he found a bolt with red, orange and yellow flames and soccer balls.  I'm not exactly sure why there are flames with soccer balls but he loves to play soccer and likes the flames so we added it to the cart.  

We walked a bit further and he spotted a black, white and red piece with skulls and then the skulls with crossbones (and bandannas!).  He is a typical pirate-loving-boy so we added those to the cart too.  When he spied the black and white zebra fabric, he decided it had to come with us too.   He was very happy to be able to pick fabrics of his own choice for a new quilt.  I was pleasantly surprised when we laid these six fabrics side by side and saw how well the colors all go together.  We may also add a solid or two depending on the pattern he chooses for his quilt.

US Map Fabric

Before we go to the cutting counter he saw this map of the United States of America panel, he decided this should be the back of the quilt and that it would make a good treasure map!!!

I love the fact that he gets excited about finding fabric for a new quilt.  I love that he loves quilts and is happy when snuggling under them.  I admire his eye for color and love his imagination.  I'm glad he still likes to spend time with me in my studio (sometimes helping with quilts, sometimes playing with his trains). 

We will be working on this quilt over Easter Break.  I know this quilt will be especially special to him since it will be his quilt from start to finish and will be made with the fabrics he picked out himself.

Happy Quilting,       Laurel