Grandson's Birthday

My grandson's birthday is in February so my husband and I went to visit and celebrate.  We took presents and "the blue ice-cream" (Cotton Candy from Cold Stone) to go with the cake and party favors my daughter had prepared.  This is the first time we were able to see them since they moved a month ago!  What a great visit.  I really miss them and enjoyed the opportunity to visit in person and get a few hugs and kisses!!!

My grandson wanted a piñata for his party after hearing a story about a party with a piñata read by his teacher.  My daughter, being the great mom that she is and wanting to make his party special, got one.  It worked out fine, he had a ball, we had great laughs, the candy spilled out and all was well.  I do, however, wonder who came up with the idea of blind-folding children, handing them a stick, and letting them smack at something they can't see!!!

His new bedroom is "Cars" (the movie) and I do believe he needs a new quilt for his bed.  He does have the comforter that matches his sheets but I'm thinking the addition of one of grandma's quilts couldn't hurt and he thought it was "a great idea Grandma!" --- so I will make it so!  Hopefully before Spring Break.

My daughter will get a new quilt for her new room too but we have to decide on the pattern and fabrics.

Happy Quilting!