Grandma's Quilts

Any of you out there who are grandparents will understand the great day I am having.  I got to pick my grandson up for a weekend visit.  He had school today so  I was able to pick him up there and go to their awards ceremony.  I got to see my grandson recieve a Citizenship Award and an Honor Roll Award.

It's a three-hour ride home.  We talked, sang songs, stopped for something to eat and practiced math problems in the car.  When we got home he visited with his grandpa, played with our dog, had a snack and we played Legos.

When it was time to wind down, he got into his pajamas, brushed his teeth etc and asked if he could watch TV with us for awhile.  He climbed up on the couch and laid down with a pillow.  I asked him if he wanted a blanket. He said, "Not a blanket grandma, a quilt.  I want one of your quilts.  They're so comfy."  Of course that put a big smile on my face.  Grandpa got him the Frog Quilt and we snuggled while watching a show  until bedtime.

Happy Quilting,