Grandma's Quilt

I am feeling much better lately and am able to sew for longer periods of time.  I am not, however, able to run my long arm machine just yet so I am keeping busy catching up on some other things and making a pile of items ready to be quilted as soon as I am able!

Since I'm allowed to go up and down the stairs now, I can get to all of my quilting treasures!!!  While downstairs, I came across some pieces leftover from quilts I have already completed.  I decided to use the leftovers to create a new project.  Now I am on a mission!!! A mission to use up all leftover pieces to create useful items.


This adorable baby quilt top is made from squares leftover from a Trip Around the World quilt I made for my mother several years ago.  I found these pieces in with some of my other Froggie fabrics while I was organizing fabric and cutting strips for a couple of Jelly Roll Race quilts.  Some of these 4-inch squares were already sewn together so I finished the rows, joined them together and added a little  border!

Froggie Fabric 1Froggie Fabric 2Froggie Fabric 3Froggie Fabric 4

I have enough of this green fabric with green and yellow patchwork frogs to use for the backing.

This project is now ready and waiting to be quilted.

I know this is silly, but, since these fabrics are part of my mother's quilt it would be difficult to give this quilt away.  I have decided to keep this baby to use with any future grandchildren I may have (which, of course would be my parents' great-grandchildren).  When I told my sister about my idea, she thought that would be nice. 

This quilt will now be known as The Grandma's Quilt!!! It can be used by me or my siblings for our future grand children and/or great-grandchildren (our parents' great and great, great, grandchildren). 

This may be the start of a new tradition!!!

Happy Quilting,