Grab the Cascade.....and Quilt

Wow, it's already the end of the first quarter of this school year!!!  This weekend was spent working on preparing report cards and gathering information for this week's parent/teacher conferences.  This will be a crazy week of classes and conferences. 

I do, however,  have a project we can work on between the busy!!!  This project can be done in shorter sittings so we don't need hours at a time to work.  You can make a small wallhanging, table runner, table cover or an entire quilt.

I was grocery shopping and reached for dishwasher soap when I remembered this project ( I have tried to tell you that I think of quilting wherever and I go and whatever I am doing!!! ).  I haven't done this  for a couple of years but am going to work on it this week between meetings and conferences.  These is an exciting and easy way to design your own fabric.  I have taught this method to adults but it is a great project to do with kids too as long as you monitor them so they keep their hands away from their face, their clothes and your carpet or furniture!!!

If you want to try this fun activity you will need to get some Cascade Dishwasher Gel with bleach.  I also picked up the Cascade Dishwasher Gel with extra bleach to see if this formula makes a difference.  You will also need some large stamps.  The large foam stamps work very well.  Your fabric pieces should be dark, solid (or considered solid) colors.  If your stamp is a large leaf  or sunflower, you will want fall colored fabric etc.  You could make a wallhanging with 3 six or eight inch squares but you'll want extras to play with while you experiment with this method.  A brayer would come in handy, but is not a must have for this project.

Gather your supplies and tomorrow evening we'll start creating!!!  You're going to love this.

Happy Quilting,