Grab A Friend and Quilt

For the most part, when I am working/playing in my studio, I am alone.  I do get a visitor once in a while but it is usually for a minute or two when my husband or daughter brings me a fresh cup of coffee or wants to check on the plans for dinner.  There is a play area set up and I really enjoy when my grandson plays with his trains or Legos and comes by to help me on a project.

Today I had a blast.  One of my sisters came to visit.  I am very fortunate because my sisters are also my friends.  I love to spend time with them even though it doesn't happen often enough.  She made a quilt that she wanted me to quilt for her and since I was putting the last border on the quilt I was working on, and my long arm machine was empty, we put her quilt right on and began quilting. 

She had time to spend with me and had never seen the process from start to finish so we quilted her quilt.  We had alot of fun.  We talked, laughed, talked about our children and grandchildren, and planned future projects.  My sister had a good time going through my fabric stash and I had fun seeing it through her eyes.  I love looking at, touching, playing with and re-organizing my fabrics and it was alot of fun showing them off  and explaining plans I have for some of them.  She had a lot of oooohs and aaaaahs as she moved through my collections.

We got the quilt finished and had a great visit.  She took it home and will get the binding done so she can give the quilt to her grandson this weekend.  This was an impromptu day and we had a great time together.  Do yourself a favor ..... grab a friend and quilt something!!!

Happy Quilting,