From Farmall Tractors to Disney Princesses

This is a wall hanging I gave to one of my teacher friends as we returned to school today. When her son was born a couple of years ago, I made a quilt for him using these Farmall Tractor fabrics. She recently had a beautiful baby girl. I made this wall hanging for the now big brother and the following quilt for his new sister.

Famall Wall Quilt

The center panel shows several Farmall Tractors in a barnyard scene while the two outer blocks are framed four-patches made with a white on white and the Farmall print. Yes I did! I made one more of my Disney Princess quilts. This new mom gave me on of the highest compliments ever.  When she became pregnant she said if she was going to have a girl she would have to have a princess quilt. She thought it was beautiful and she had seen several of them that I made for other people.

Princess Quilt

I first designed this quilt for my grand daughter. It is a time consuming quilt to make as each of the blocks has to be fussy cut (each block is cut separately taking care to center the design in the block) to properly display each of the princesses and the princess crowns in the alternate blocks. I knew it wouldn't be too bad since I was only making a baby quilt. Little did I know that this quilt design would be such a big hit and in high demand. I have since made ten baby quilts and five twin size quilts from these fabrics in this design!!!

I will say that I have become very good at fussy cutting. The thought of it doesn't make me nervous anymore. Do remember though, if you are fussy cutting for a quilt, you will need to purchase some extra fabric as there is more between the designs that will not be used. I refuse to call it waste as I do not waste any fabric... I use it up in other projects or scrappy quilts.

I am beyond thrilled that so many people love and admire this design. Each time I think I've made the last one... another beautiful little princess needs a special quilt. I wonder what the final total will be!

Happy Quilting,