Football Stars

This delightful quilt was made by one of my quilters for her father's seventy-ninth birthday. He is a football fan so this is perfect for him.  The centers of all of the stars show off a fussy cut (a block cut carefully to center and showoff an image printed on the fabric such as an animal, flower or other item) football helmet.

Quilt Photo 1Quilt Photo 2Quilt Photo 3

This is a very lively quilt.  The background fabric is a beautiful yellow.  Each of the small stars is made from a royal blue fabric with a brightly colored football helmet in the center.  The large stars, which surround the small stars in every other row, are made from bright colored fabrics.  The same blue, purple, red, green and cranberry from the large stars is also used in the piano key styled outer border.  There is a star block in each of the four corners of the outer border.   A narrow cranberry framing border separates the body of the quilt from the outside border.  All of the brightly colored fabrics used in the top of the quilt were used to piece together a variegated quilt binding.

Quilt Photo 4Quilt Photo 5Quilt Photo 6

The football fabric was the perfect choice for the backing of this piece. This quilt was custom quilted with a primary colored variegated thread on the top and a natural colored thread on the back. 

Each small star is quilted with a loop design. The large stars have two rows of echo quilting  with loops at the points of the stars in the second row.  Feather stitching was done in the framing border.  The outer border and all of the yellow background of the body of the quilt was quilted in a small wandering loop design.

This quilt turned out quite nice and will be a great gift for the football enthusiast.  I'm sure it will be his first pick during every game!

Thank you, Marla, for sharing this beautiful work of art.

Happy Quilting,