What a great gift.  A onemorequilt.net flag!!!

We have a large double flagpole in our front yard.  I have always liked being able to fly our country's colors.  We also have an Illinois State Flag and a Nascar Flag (which we fly on the weekends while watching the races).

My wonderful husband had onemorequilt flags made for me.  My very talented daughter set them up perfectly.  It was quite windy today but you can see that the flag includes my OMQ (onemorequilt) logo and web address.  This is very exciting and I think it looks great flying below the flag of our country.  I wasn't able to fly my new flag too long today because it still gets dark very early but it was fun to see it flying unfurled on this breezy day even if it was only for a brief time!

Hmmm.....I wonder how often I'll have to share "my spot" on the flagpole with the Nascar Flag!!!

Happy Quilting,