First Day of Fall

Happy First Full Day of Fall.  Our weather was absolutely beautiful today and it was quite inspiring.It was kind of a crazy Monday at school but I was able to get my class (very energetic second graders) outside for a few minutes of recess to enjoy this gorgeous fall day.

Since it is still National Sewing Month.....I took my sewing/embroidery machine to the spa ( is giving me some trouble so I took it to the repair shop) for the overall treatment.  Thank goodness I am fortunate to have another so I can still get some piecing accomplished while she is away from home.

I am spending some time this evening piecing some strings together into nine-inch scrappy blocks.  I have been saving strings for awhile now and decided to work on this project for my sheer pleasure.  While I sew, I think.  While I sew, I solve problems in my brain. While I sew, I plan.  While I sew, I appreciate having something I love to do and the fact that I can still do it.  While I sew, I am happy.

Tonight I was thinking about how fun it is to have a month dedicated to sewing.  It gives us an excuse to spend a little more time doing what we love to do.  I was also thinking about how grateful I am for my family and how lucky I am to have a sister who shares my love of quilting, and of course the rest of my family who all love quilts.

September is also National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month! I am a one year survivor and, of course, thrilled that everything turned out so well for me.  My successful outcome, however, pales in comparison to my sister who had a later stage Ovarian Cancer and is an eleven year survivor.  She is my hero and my inspiration.  She made my journey  possible.

I'm going to go play with my fabric for a few more hours.

Happy Quilting,