Finally, my husband and I got to the airport and brought the photo quilt to his flight instructor!!!  He loves it.  A few other guys were in the hanger when we got there and liked the quilt too.  They were excited when they found their plane pictured in the quilt.  It feels really good when you know that something you made is really appreciated.

While we were there, he asked if I would look at his industrial sewing machine because it was not working right.  It kept breaking the thread. 

I found two little problems.  Whoever used the machine last had wound the bobbin over some thread left on the bobbin from the last winding and the needle had been put in backwards.  After all my years of sewing, I am still amazed that something so little can bring your sewing to a hault.

I was able to bring the machine home to play with....uhhh....I mean clean, lubricate and adjust.  It hasn't been used in awhile so I thought I'd give it a good "once-over" to make sure it's ready to go.

I am by no means a sewing machine expert but there are always a few things you can check before taking your machine to a repair shop.  If your machine stops working properly you might get lucky and find something simple you can fix yourself, at home.  Make sure you have a good electrical connection (unless, of course, you are using your treadle machine!!!), check the connection to the machine and the plug in your wall socket incase they were bumped loose.  Make sure the thread (both top and bobbin) are good (fresh, the right size and not too linty).  Change the needle, there may be an imperfection you can't see.  Make sure the needle is put in properly.  Clean threads and lint from the machine and bobbin area of the machine.  Lubricate (if your machine is not self lubricating).  Check your owner's manuel for a check list specific to your machine.

When she's back to humming along you'll be "sew" happy!

Happy Quilting,