Feeling Better

I finally feel better!!!  I finished my book (worth reading, by the way) and felt good enough to start getting my house back in order.  The dishes are done, a couple of loads of laundry are done and I actually cooked regular food (a change from applesauce, soup and crackers).  Everybody in my family is recovering nicely too. 

I looked at the Accuquilt website for some new dies for my machine and looked through a couple of my quilting magazines for inspiration.  I think after another good night's sleep, I will be able to go into my studio and get a little work done tomorrow.  I miss my machines, notions and fabric stash ( I think they miss me tooWink ).

While I work tomorrow I am going to come up with my list of resolutions for the New Year.  What are some of yours?

It feels great to want to be busy again and to have the energy to get things done!  It may take me a little while to catch up.....but I'll check one thing off of my list at a time.

Happy Quilting,