Fat Quarters Collection

On more than one occasion, I have been the subject of amusement for my friends and family.  Today was one of those daysSmile.  My daughter and I were talking (still enjoying our Holiday visit) and the topic of the conversation turned to quilting (big surprise there!).  I was telling her about the collection of fat quarters I bought recently.  This was the second of these collections I purchased.  When I purchased the first collection, some of my friends admired them so I bought the second collection with the intention of sharing.  My dilemma is this,  when I opened the second box I discovered that there are some different fabrics in the second box than in the first.  Of course I'm still willing to share, but, I first need to sort the pieces and make sure I have one of each for myself!!!

This conversation led me to admit my problem with fat quarters...........I never used to buy them at all.  I always wanted more of a print than just a quarter of a yard, fat or otherwise.  To me, a fat quarter was more like a leftover piece or a scrap.  I usually buy fabric by the bolt or at least several yards at a time.  Then one day I walked into a quilt shop and saw a beautiful sight.  It was a collection of fat quarters.  It was a beautiful tower of fat quarters tied together with a burgandy and gold ribbon.  I had to have it.  I bought it, brought it home and put in on display on a shelf in my studio. 

Ever since then, I have been collecting fat quarter collections. 

My daughter was amused when I admitted that I haven't ever used any of the fat quarters.  I just collect them.  I love them.  I like the way they are arranged and the different sets they come in. I like to look at the way the collection will go from one color to the next.

OK.  I may have a fabric obsession within my fabric obsession!!! Perhaps I'll find the perfect pattern which calls for many different fat quarters and I'll have them ready to go!!!

Happy Quilting,