Fat Quarter Flowers

The retirement party for my friend Penny went very well.  We sent her off with well wishes and a few gifts. Since we met over a quilt and she wants to do more quilting now that she'll have more time ........part of my "speech" included talking about quilting ( I've told you before I sneak  quilting into everything I can whenever I can!!! ).

Flower Photo

Instead of giving traditional flowers at the party, and continuing the quilt theme, I made a bouquet of fabric flowers!!!

This turned out really cute and I would not hesitate to make it again for a gift or a center-piece.

I started with a ceramic pot.  Next, I put a snug fitting piece of floral foam in the pot.  I then scrunched up a fat-quarter and wrapped the end of a floral wire around it.  Wrapping foral tape around the wire hid the ends that were twisted to hold the fabric.  While wrapping the wire with the floral tape I added some leaves to give it the appearance of a flower and add some fullness to the "plant".  After the flowers were created I  arranged them by pushing the bottom end of the wire into the floral foam in the ceramic pot.  As a finishing touch, I covered the floral foam with moss!

When my friend is ready to sew, she can disassemble the flowers,  use the fat-quarters to make quilt squares and plant a plant in the ceramic pot!!!

Happy Quilting,