Family Reunion Quilt

I'm working on a very interesting quilt.  It is a Family Reunion Quilt.  A lady and her sister brought this quilt to me for some embroidery work on the quilt top.  This quilt top has been traveling to their family reunions for almost ten years.  Each branch of the family tree has a different color of quilt square placed diagonally in the quilt top.  The squares are a variation of the Rail Fence block.

Across the top of the quilt, in the border, are the embroidered names of the couple who started this family.  The next border is narrow and blank.  In the next border, the year and location of each reunion ( a timeline actually ) is embroidered above each column of blocks.  In the first block for each family branch,  the name of the child who started that branch is embroidered in the top rail.

Each year, the quilt has  been brought to the family reunion and each family member in attendance has signed their family's block for that year.  This is a fabulous record of attendance, a keepsake and recorded history. What a great idea!!!

This month, the quilt top will go to one more reunion to be signed.  It will then be brought back to me to be layered, quilted and bound.

The family is not sure if one family member will keep the quilt and display it in her home all year round or if they will make a schedule for shared custody!!!  Whatever they decide, I know this quilt will be loved for generations to come.

Do you have a family reunion coming up in the near future?  You may want to condsider a family reunion quilt.  It will be great fun to make, a sure conversation starter and a lovely keepsake.  Please send me a picture of your project.

Happy Quilting,