Yesterday my family gathered together for our "Christmas" celebration.  I have to say, I had a great time.  (We were unable to get together during the actual holiday season because the flu came to visit.)  It seemed that since the holiday season is already over,  the stress of the holiday was over too!  We talked, ate, teased, ate, laughed, and talked some more.   The weather held out and everyone was safe while traveling back to their homes.

We talked about our families, our homes, our pets, our holiday gifts, our jobs, our cars, recipes, vets, doctors, the weather and of course-----quilts.  (Now you know I can't let a conversation go by without mentioning quilts.)

We got the rest of the folding tables and chairs put away today after work and ate leftovers for supper.   I graded papers while my husband and I watched a movie.  I look forward to coming home from school tomorrow, making a fresh pot of coffee and working on a quilt.  I might be able to sew all day Wednesday's hoping!!!  We are supposed to get a bunch of snow and possibly have a snow day on Wednesday.  As long as the snow doesn't begin until everyone is at home, snug, safe and warm.......let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!!

Happy Quilting,