Fall Quilt

My soon to be daughter-in-law loves Fall (Autumn).  It is absolutely her favorite season.  I made this Fall quilt and presented it to her at her wedding shower yesterday.  She seemed to like it alot.

Fall Quilt Photo 1

I saw these beautiful, sixteen and a half inch panels at Keepsake Quilting and couldn't pass them up.

Fall Quilt Quilt Photo 2

I found a cream colored fabric with a wheat print on it for the sashing and one of the quilt borders.  The brown, rust red, golden yellow and green  colored wheat pull the beautiful fall colors from the panels.

The fabric used for the narrow framing border and the outer border was also a lucky find.  The red, blue, deep purple, green and orange colors look like they were randomly spattered on the golden yellow background.  I am amazed at how all of these fabrics match so perfectly when they were purchased at different times from totally different places.

Fall Quilt Quilt Photo 3

I think the sashing around the picture panels and then adding the narrow framing border, makes it resemble  a view through the panes of a window.

After finding the perfect fabrics (in my opinion) for the top of the quilt, I was absolutely thrilled to find this fabric for the back of the quilt.  This print is a jumble of fall leaves that look as if they floated down from the trees and landed in a soft pile.  The close-up shows the drops of water that could be left after a light rain or the morning dew. 

Fall Quilt Quilt Photo 4

The browns, golds, reds, oranges, beiges and greens compliment the colors in the quilt top and the splash of purple and  blue adds a little zing.  One of her favorite colors is purple so I was glad to be able to add some of it to this quilt without it looking out of place.

This will be a great quilt for snuggling under on the couch (sofa) while watching a movie on a cool autumn evening.  It will also look good laying over the back of the chair as a home decor piece.

I am delighted whenever a project goes together smoothly but am especially happy with this quilt because it was created for someone so special.

Happy Quilting,