Fabric Hunt

Usually, if I need a specific color for the backing of a quilt, I can turn to my extensive stash and find what I need.  Like anything else, there are exceptions to this too.  I was looking for a specific shade of brown with a little bit of teal.

Lo and behold, I walked into a Jo Ann Fabric store one evening and found what I thought would work well.  The fabric was one of Jo Ann's Premium fabrics and the store had two bolts in stock.  I bought two yards to take home and compare to the quilt top.  Imagine my excitement when I realized the fabric would not only work well but was actually perfect!!!  To add icing to the cake, I had a 50% off one cut of fabric coupon to use!

The next morning, coupon in hand (or rather, in purse), I went back to Jo Ann's to purchase the perfect fabric.  There was none left!!! Not even a little remnant remained in the store. I was shocked to learn that in less than twenty-four hours, two bolts of the very fabric I wanted.....needed.....had been sold.  I am lucky enough to have another Jo Ann Fabrics Store about twenty minutes in the other direction so I headed there!  They only had one and one-half yard left.  All of a sudden this fabric is extremely popular and I can't get my hands on it!!!

I got on my computer and was able to order this perfect fabric from JoAnn's.com.   Ahhhh.....happy.  They thanked me for my order, confirmed my order and told me I would receive my order in seven to ten days.  I tried to be patient but after nine days became a little nervous.  I went to my e-mail to re-read the order confirmation (I don't check e-mail daily like most of you!) and found another e-mail from Jo Ann's.  This e-mail informed me that the fabric I ordered is out of stock so they cancelled my order!!!  Arrrrgggghhhh!

I went back to JoAnn's.com and tried out their store locater. This was a very helpful tool.  I was able to check other Jo Ann stores and see if they had the fabric in stock. There were two yards at one store, three at another, two and a helf at two other stores etc.  Some stores very far from my house.  Then I saw it!!!!  A store about thirty-five minutes from my house was supposed to have eleven yards in stock.  I called the store. Spoke to a very helpful woman who found the fabric, verified that there were at least ten yards on the bolt and put it on hold for me. I got in my car, drove out there and bought every bit of the ten yards, twenty-nine inches they had.

On the way home I had the feeling of victory, like I had won a prize in a special contest.

Happy Quilting,