Fabric and Fishing Poles

I have good news for any of you who miss shopping for fabric at your local Walmart.......The Wall Street Journal announced today that Walmart is going to bring back fabric on bolts and fishing poles!!!!  ( I didn't know they were discontinuing fishing poles!!!)

Walmart has been discontinuing fabric from their stores which has really hurt many of our quilting friends.  I, like many of us, take fabric shopping for granted.  There are five JoAnn Fabrics, two Hobby Lobby stores, one Vogue Fabrics and several "Local Quilt Shops" within driving distance from my house.   More if I want to drive farther!!!  Many people do not have that luxury and their local Walmart was the only place for them to purchase fabric in person.  Yes, there are catalogs and websites but sometimes you want to see, feel and match fabrics in person.

Walmart has realized that thay made a mistake and will be retuning bolts of fabric to their stores.  

Happy Quilting,