I was not a happy camper yesterday evening.  An eye exam kept me from quilting!

Yesterday morning I broke my glasses.  I do need them to read, do paperwork, and of course quilt so when my husband and I were finished with our other errands for the afternoon, we stopped by the eye doctor's office to see if they could be repaired.  Yes, they were able to repair them on the spot and I was very happy.  Wellllll.....I was overdue for an eye exam and new perscription......they had an opening and I had my eyes examined.  Since I had a driver with me, the doctor wanted to dialate my eyes.  Wow!!! I hadn't had that done for a very long time (wow my pupils got huge) and forgot how sensitive my eyes became to light.  Even with dark glasses on, it was difficult to keep my eyes open especially outside.

I had decided that since I had a long day, I would go home and quilt for awhile then spend some time on the computer.  After turning my lights on and getting ready to quilt, I decided I shouldn't work on someone else's quilt when I was having difficulty keeping my eyes open!!!  I tried working on the computer.  That wasn't very comfortable either so I watched a show.....with the dark glasses on!.....and called it a night.

I'm glad that's over!!!

Happy Quilting,