Extra Blocks = Good Stuff

While sorting and organizing my fabric stash (no small job but oh so much fun to look at, touch and play with) I found some extra blocks (I always buy extra fabric, cut extra pieces and make extra blocks -- I may need help!) from a few large quilts/projects I've made. I save everything and these proved my strategy that "I will need/use that someday".

I had 6 bright colored 12" blocks from one project and matching fabric too. Adding sashings, I sewed the blocks together in a 2x3 grid. A matching frame, a few colorful borders and a new baby quilt was born.

Three 10" blocks from another project, set on point with some ingenious borders and custom quilting made a beautiful table runner.

Four different blocks set with wide sashing and a corner stone in the center, before adding my border, made a terrific table topper.

Since the blocks were already assembled, these projects went together in a jiffy. They make wonderful gifts for the recipient of the original project , for someone altogether different or a fresh look for an area of your own home. If you keep them for yourself, beware ... everyone who sees them will want them for themselves :) .

Have fun bringing those leftover blocks back to life and as always...

Happy Quilting,