When I became ill and had my surgery, I knew that I would not be able to work with my longarm machine for awhile.  I worried about disappointing people who were counting on me to work on their projects.  I also knew it would be hard when people called with a new project and I would have to tell them that I was unable to finish it for them.

I am overwhelmed with the kindness and understanding I have been shown by the quilting community.  People waiting for projects are being very patient while telling me to fully recover first.  Quilters who have called with new projects, have been bringing them to me so they are ready to go as soon as I am able.  I am pleased with their loyalty and the encouragement I have gotten.  I am excited that I will be back to normal in a few short weeks.

Quilters are a special group of people and their loyalty and concern for me proved it once again.

I guess quilters as well as the quilts themselves, give comfort!

Happy Quilting,