Empty Nest---Again

My husband and I are Empty Nesters --- again!!!  

Our daughter and grandson came home in May and spent the summer with us.  Our daughter began a new job and works remotely so they were able to spend the entire summer here.  It was fantastic to have them here on a day to day basis but since school starts soon, we helped  them move to their new home yesterday. 

As we were loading the moving truck, I guess the dog was afraid we were going to pack him up too as he was hiding each of his chew toys and rawhide bones!!!!  Today he kept looking around the house, searching for my grandson. They had really become buddies over the summer and it is clear that he misses them too.

The unpacking and setting up of the new house is going well.  Of course as this takes place.....so does the creation of the list of requests for new quilts!!!

Happy Quilting,