Embroidered Quilt

This is an absolutely beautiful quilt. I wish I could have done it justice in the picture.


Each beautiful, machine embroidered square is prettier than the next.


This shows a section of the border.  This design is embroidered in several places evenly spaced around the outside border of the quilt.  You can also see the quilting around the design. This quilting was done in the border and the sashings of the quilt. Each of the embroidered blocks and the cornerstones are quilted in a very small Wandering Loops design.

I am going to take a class from this woman and learn to do this beautiful machine embroidery.  Machine embroidery has come such a long way over the years and shows intricate detail.  This quilt displays a beautiful combination of quilted blocks, borders and sashings all created on tone on tone fabrics which allow the beauty of the thread and embroidery to show.

Happy Quilting,