As the school year comes to an end, things get crazier and busier but this has to take the cake!!!!

Yesterday, I stopped after school to visit a friend.  While there, my husband sent me a text message saying that he had arrived home and started to get settled in (about 4:00 pm) when he heard a rather large "boom" and the power went out in our house.....only our house!

He called the electric company.  They were finishing up on another call in a nearby town and would come ASAP.

The electric company guys came and began to investigate the situation.  ( I should mention here that our house is on its own transformer )  They discovered the problem was in the underground power line leading to our transformer and they would have to dig it up to repair it.  Luckily, they would do this repair right away and not make us wait for the next day.

I have to tell you these guys were fantastic, worked hard and did a great job.  It still took some time to complete the repair.  "JULIE" had to be called to locate the other underground things (ie gas, phone, cable) and equipment had to be brought in to dig.  Once unburied, they could begin to fix the problem.

You don't realize how much/often you use electricity until you don't have it to use!!!  Sure I lit a bunch of candles and had flashlights at the ready but I can't tell you how many times I walked by and flipped light switches  out of habit!!!   The battery on my cell phone needed to be charged so I plugged it in to the charger (I know, I know, it doesn't work without electricity --- at least my husband got a good laugh!).  I really, really wanted a cup of coffee....but....you need electricity for that too! The season finale of The Good Wife was on and we couldn't even record it.  My husband noticed me getting a tad frustrated so he suggested I read.  He said, "Why don't you read a book?....you like to read."   Ahhhh, yes a book.  I have one on my Kindle I was going to read this weekend.....Arrrrgh....I had not charged that battery because I wasn't planning to have time to read it yet!!!

I think I'll mention here that we are on a well (we do not have city water) so when we do not have electricity....we do not have water either!!!  Hmmmm.....we have bottled water to drink but I was beginning to wonder if we would be able to shower in the morning before going to work.....uh oh ....how long would the battery back-up on the alarm clock last???  I arranged for a "wake-up call" from a friend.

At this point I did some math.  no electricty + no water = no cooking so I plugged my cell phone in to the car charger and drove to pick up chicken for dinner.

I had procrastinated on an alteration I had agreed to do (I dislike doing alterations so I put them off until the last possible moment) and couldn't use my sewing machine without electricity.  It also goes without saying (but I'll say it anyway), I could not make any progress on getting a quilt quilted because my long arm likes electricity too!!!   Soooooo.....I decided to enter grades on the computer then blog and tell you about my day........but.....you guessed it.....I had unplugged my laptop during lightening  over the weekend and its battery would not cooperate either!!!!

I laid down on the couch and watched a candle flicker.  I woke up at 1:18am when the power came on and all things electric started up!  I went outside and thanked the guys.  I am thankful for the night crew!

They had the hole filled in, things cleaned up, paperwork finished and my yard cleared by 2:35!!!

I learned a valuable lesson......keep all things charged!!!

Happy Quilting,