Early Baby

I confess..........I have been known to procrastinate.  I believe this is by nature, not by choice.  As a child, if the teacher gave us two weeks to work on a project, I did it the last two or three days before it was due.  I finished hand sewing the pearls on the edges of my veil after the rehearsal dinner the night before my wedding!  If I need something new in my wardrobe, I am often shopping for the fabric a week before the event I will wear the new item to.  I usually do all of my Christmas shopping after Thanksgiving ( even though I vow every year to have it all done before Thanksgiving!).  And, I make baby quilts right before the babies are due.

Well, it finally caught up to me!!!   The baby was born five weeks early!  Guess what project I'll be working on this weekend.  At least I already have the fabric for this quilt and the quilt is planned ( OK, in my head, but planned none the less).

New mom and baby are doing well and baby drank from a bottle!!!  I can't wait to see her in person.

Happy Quilting,