Double Nine Patch

I have always admired simple, traditional quilt blocks.  The four patch and nine patch blocks are two of the simplest and most traditional quilt blocks that I can think of.


This beautiful little Double Nine Patch quilt top was found in the middle of some of the fabric in a tube that I got from the storage unit purchase I made.

The background fabric is a white on white fabric.  Each of the small Nine Patches is created from a mottled fabric containing gradations of blue, pink, and purple.  The squares in the small Nine Patches are only one inch square making the larger pieces three inch squares.  The Double Nine Patches are set on point which adds even more character to this little treasure.

This is a small quilt top that will make a perfect lap quilt, toddler quilt or table topper.    I am leaning toward baby quilt!  I think it will be adorable.

Happy Quilting,