Cute Baby

I am having soooo much fun going through everything I bought last week.  I'm like a kid in a candy shop!!!

This cute little baby is one of my new treasures!  She is barely seven inches tall and barely seven inches wide.  There is some rust on her but the crank turns and all of the parts move freely.  I think that after I clean her up a bit, she will look fabulous as the newest addition to my collection.
Photo of FrontPhoto of Back

I have to do some research to find out more information about this cutie but I believe it is a child's sewing machine.  In the tradition of old Singer Sewing Machines, she is made of metal and very sturdy.  SINGER is printed in gold on the front of the machine. The back of the machine has SINGER printed in gold along with the Singer Trademark Logo. Even if I am unable to get this little gem working for me,  I am thrilled to have her.  If she just wants to sit around and look pretty, that's OK with me too!!!

Happy Quilting,