Custom Fit

One of the many great things about making your own quilt, or having one custom made for you, is that you can  make sure it fits your bed perfectly.  Please don't assume, though, that the quilt described in a pattern will fit your bed just because it says its the size of your bed.  Quilt sizes can vary drastically.  To be sure, you need to measure.

Before you measure, you need to decide how you want the quilt to fit your bed.  Do you want the finished quilt to be the same size as the top of the bed or do you want it to hang over the sides (drop)?  Do you want the quilt to hang off the bottom of the bed or just meet the footboard?  Do you want the quilt to reach the headboard so you can put your pillows on top of the quilt or do you like to tuck the quilt under the edge and fold it over the top of the pillow(s)?  I like to make my own quilts large because my husband and I both like to be wrapped up so we need the quilt big enough to fit both of us comfortably.

After you've thought about what you want, you're ready to measure!  Now you'll need a pencil, some paper and a tape measure (I like using a 120 inch tape measure for this purpose).  To determine the width you want your quilt to be, first measure  the top of the bed from side to side.  Then measure the drop (from the top of the bed as far down the side toward the floor as you want the quilt to hang) and multiply it by two (because there are two sides to the bed!).  Add the measurement you got for the top to the drop times two and you have the width for your new quilt.  Now for the length ....... measure the top of the bed from the head to the foot of the bed.  Measure the drop (from the top edge of the bed as far down the foot end toward the floor as you want the quilt to hang).  Lastly, if you want to tuck and cover the pillows, measure how deep you want the tuck, and measure over the pillows.  Add these three measurements together and you have the length you need for your new quilt.

If the pattern you have chosen does not make a quilt the size you want, don't worry ...... you can adjust the size of the quilt by adding another row of blocks or by adding a border or two.  Just remember, if you are going to make your quilt bigger than the pattern calls for, you will need to purchase some additional fabric as well! 

Happy Quilting,