Curves, Robbing Peter to Pay Paul

Robbing Peter to pay Paul quilt top

I had not sewn curves in awhile and wanted to practice before helping my sister develop a block she was working on......a block with many curves.

First, I used my Accuquilt machine to cut pieces using my Robbing Peter to Pay Paul die and fabric from one of my scrap bins.

Secondly, I practiced stitching curves with a 1/4" seam. I was working toward a perfect 1/4" seam and no puckers!!  I practiced sewing curves with pinning, without pinning, using my 1/4" foot and using my Curve Master foot.

I expected to conquer the curves. What I didn't expect, was how easy and comfortable sewing curves became!!! Practice really does make perfect. Curves do not intimidate me any longer.

I don't like to waste, and just couldn't throw them away, so I sewed my practice blocks together and made this cute, little, scrappy quilt top. I will add a border before quilting it and end up with an awesome throw.

I love curves.

Happy quilting,