Crazy Scrap Blocks

While I was going through the fabric that was given to me, and organizing the pieces I cut, I came across a bag of scraps a friend gave me some time ago.  I had set this bag aside and ignored it because these are all fairly small pieces and had been thrown in the washer and dryer.  As a result, they were pretty scrunched up and tangled in threads (and no, I couldn't just throw them away.......and yes, I apparently do have a fabric problem!!!).

One thing led to another.  I began by pulling a wad of threads away from the mangled bunch.  Then I took a few pieces out of the bag to see what treasures were within.  Next thing I knew, I was ironing them.  Well...when you are pressing pieces you can't help but to notice how pretty they are and think about what they would look like together ......soooo I began sewing pieces together!!!

Quilt Photo 1Quilt Photo 2

Before I knew it I had 9 crazy blocks finished!!!

Although these are truly scrappy pieces, I made sure there was at least one piece of white, one piece of blue and one piece of red in each block.  This way, if I decide to piece them with a sashing I can use blue, red or white and it will go with each and every block.  This also gives me several choices should I decide to put one or more borders on this quilt and choices for the backing.

When you do a scrappy quilt  your sashings, borders and backing do not have to match anything.  They could be a completely different color or print.  There are no rules and no quilt police.  I just started sewing and didn't really have a plan so I wanted to leave my options open.  Personally, I like my backing, borders and sashings to have a common color but that is a personal preference and not a rule!!!

To make these blocks, I started with any piece.  Most were oddly shaped.  I picked up another piece and sewed it on.  Most of the edges weren't even so rather than being concerned with keeping a ¼ inch seam, I made sure I stitched a straight line.  After the  two pieces were sewn together, I trimmed the seam to be ¼ inch wide and pressed the piece.  Pick up another piece and repeat!!!  If the piece you pick up is not long enough to sew to the pieces you have already sewn,   just sew a couple of pieces in a line first to make a longer piece!

I am making 9½ inch squares (finished squares will be 9 inches) so I made sure to sew enough of the pieces together to cover a 10 inch or larger area.  After pressing, I used a 9½ inch ruler to "square up" (cut around the ruler so the edges are even and all of the blocks are exactly the same size) my blocks.

I'm going to keep sewing because as I look at these blocks I think I want to have 20 of them!  I'll keep you posted as I finish this project

Happy Quilting,