Crayola Fabric Crayons

Mother Nature certainly has a sense of humor. We could finally see the ground again. The temperature finally reached double digits. I could walk the puppy without wearing snow boots and a scarf wrapped around my face.....Tonight, it's snowing again!!!

I spoke briefly in a previous blog about using Crayola Fabric Crayons in my quilt projects at school. I have to let you know I love these things.

My grandson just turned six years old and is quite the budding artist. We love to do "projects" together. He really enjoys working with fabric and sewing pieces together on one of my machines. However he is not very patient when it comes to seeing the results of his work. He likes to see progress quickly.

Here is an idea for a quick quilt and it's a great project to work on with the child/children in your life. ( A great project to have ready for your next snowy/rainy day!! )

I cut twelve (12), twelve inch (12") squares from muslin. My grandson used the fabric crayons to draw and color on each square. ( Hint: Lay the muslin square on a piece of oatmeal paper to prevent it from sliding around while coloring. ) When the little artist is finished, lay the colored square on your ironing board (you may want to cover the ironing board with a towel or scrap of muslin to avoid any color transfer), cover the square with white paper or a scrap piece of muslin to protect your iron and press to set the colors.

Cut two and a half inch (2 1/2") strips of fabric to use as sashings. Join the colored squares so you have four (4) rows of three (3) squares with the sashing between squares. Next join the four rows together with sashing between them. Now add a border using the same fabric the sashing is made from. You may or may not want to add an additional border.

Add batting and backing. Quilt as you wish and bind. Cozy up and enjoy!!

The young quilters you help with this project will cherish and enjoy it for years to come. This project is great for children of any age. It goes together quickly and lets you feel the joy of accomplishment and the satisfaction of a finished product. Spending time and creating with the young quilter will help built confidence and self esteem as well as using math skills and best of all --- spending time with you.

We might make another one, a bit smaller to use on car trips.

Let your creativity flow!!!

Happy Quilting,