Countries Quilt

I was beginning to worry a bit about my project. Collecting fabric from around the world was beginning to seem like a task that was harder than even I expected. But, WOW, Spring has sprung!!! I opened the mailbox and found one, then another!!! Thank you!

A good friend of mine suggested I get on the internet and just order the fabric I wanted for the quilt -- I tried to explain the thrill of the hunt (so to speak). It is exciting to see the fabric that other people pick out for me and a challenge to be designing a quilt using so many different choices made be different people with different tastes. I love the idea of people from all over the world having a hand in my quilt. People who live very far away, speak a different language, enjoy different foods and traditions, most I have never met and will never meet in person all went the extra mile to have a part in this quilt. This is very exciting for me.

For those of you who do not know what I am talking about.......I am collecting fabric from as many different countries around the world as I can to create a one-of-a-kind quilt. The quilt will be hung in my new quilting studio (plans are to open in 2010). This project is only possible because of the willingness of people around the world who are willing to help. If there is a way you can help, please e-mail me:

Pictures will be posted soon.

Happy quilting,