Considering a Move to Iowa

I might have to consider moving to Iowa!!!...........because they are serious about quilts!

The quilt themed rest areas along I80 in Iowa have always fascinated me and now I read an article, in my August/September 2011 issue of Quilters Newsletter, about a town in Iowa that has installed quilt blocks into their sidewalks this summer!!!

Kalona, Iowa ( ) installed 42 colored-brick quilt blocks in sidewalks.  They have been called the Quilt Capital of Iowa and even have a block called Kalona Star that was designed in the 1980's by a resident of the town.    The article also says that Kalona includes a large Amish settlement so the sidewalks include several traditional Amish quilt-block designs.

I feel a road-trip coming on!!!  When the weather cools of a little, I hope I can find a day to travel to Iowa and see these quilt blocks.

Happy Quilting,