Another round of Parent-Teacher Conferences is over!  Whew!!! I am exhausted.  I love meeting with all of the parents and discussing their children. Not only do we discuss their progress, we discuss strategies for improvement and I have the chance to really get to know the families that are new to me and catch up with families I haven't seen in awhile.

Even though I enjoy meeting with everyone,  we have two days of teaching all day and conferences all evening and it does wear me out!  A friend of mine (who also works at school) and I decided we needed to "drink" after two such long days (which for us means going to Starbucks for a decadent treat!). I'm not really sure what they put in that stuff but as soon as we pull up to the drive-thru we start to feel better and of course we have the chance to talk and share stories on the drive there and back.

I was able to get a little bit of work done on my longarm this evening but know to quit when I get tired (before I start making mistakes).  I'm going to watch a program then go to bed (hoping I don't fall asleep on the couch and miss the end!!!). 

I will wake up fresh and relaxed in the morning, make a fresh pot of coffee and be much more productive.

Happy Quilting,