Comment Contest

Congratulations to Cat from Davenport, Iowa who posted the following comment and won the One More Quilt mug full of goodies!

Patterns, patterns, who's got the patterns?

 I am a simple soul . . . because I don't have time right now for anything fancy! My favorite pattern is the nine patch, at the moment. You can change the look and style with just a few simple steps - add borders, turn them on their points, etc, and get a different feel and a fantastic quilt every time. :)


I also like the nine patch for its versatility.  It works up so quickly and even just changing the size of the squares changes the look of the quilt.  I am so suggestable that after reading Cat's comment I started cutting pieces for a scrappy nine patch of my own.  I hope to begin piecing over the weekend!!

Thank you all for your interest.

Happy Quilting,