Columbus Day

Columbus Day is a holiday in the state of Illinois so I was fortunate enough to have a three-day weekend this weekend.  Even though I had extra time, I kept very busy.  I got to see both of my sisters --- but not together!

We took a ride to Michigan to visit one of my sisters.  While we were up there we took another ride through Buchanan to look at the Buchanan Scarecrows.  They are all on display in their glory and are soooo much better to see in person.  We stopped for lunch at a great  little place called the Diesel Diner, which by the way, has a scarecrow by the cash register!  The ride was exceptionally pleasant too as the leaves are starting to turn colors.  I do hope you get a chance to see them (the scarecrows and the leaves).

At the end of my weekend, we visited with my other sister.   She gave me quite a treat!  She had an older sewing machine in a cabinet with a chair.  The chair is one of the sewing chairs with a cushion.  The seat of the chair lifts up and reveals storage under the seat.  The cabinet is one of the "real wood" cabinets which holds the machine in an up position or folds down for storage.  It also allows you to use the foot pedal or a knee lever to operate the machine.  I love having new toys to play with!!!

Our weather turned colder and the frost hurt my flowers.  The grass needs to be cut one more time.  I burned some logs produced by pruning some trees and threw in some leaves for the smell.  Fall is definitely here.  Now it is time to grab a hot cup of coffee and retreat to my quilting studio to plan a seasonal quilt or two.

Happy Quilting!