Clipping Corners

I certainly hope everyone had a great weekend.  I know I did.  I got to spend time with family, swim, eat, got a little sunburn, was able to look through some quilting books and spent some time quilting.

While looking through quilting books and magazines, I ran across an article that may be helpful to some of you.  I do not prewash my fabric.  I buy bolts of fabric at a time and I have never washed my fabric before using it, but,  I know alot of people do prewash their fabric and many complain of ending up with a tangled mess of threads after putting the fabric through the dryer.  This article claims that if you clip the corners of the fabric pieces on the diagonal (so you would be clipping a little triangle off of each corner) before washing them, they will not fray and tangle!!!  This sure sounds like an easy solution!

If you are a prewasher, please try this tip and let me know if it really works!!!

Happy Quilting,