Class Quilt Blocks

Here are some of the pictures that my students drew for our classroom quilt.  Each student was given a fabric square, a piece of oatmeal paper (to keep the fabric from sliding around while being colored) and a package of Crayola fabric crayons.

Quilt Coloring Photo 1Quilt Coloring Photo 2

The boys and girls were very excited about working on our quilt project.  Some began drawing immediately while others stared at the fabric for awhile while deciding what they wanted to draw.

Quilt Coloring Photo 3Quilt Coloring Photo 4Quilt Coloring Photo 5

I have some very creative and talented children in my class.  They took their time on their pictures.  We are all very excited to see how the pictures look in the finished quilt.

Quilt Coloring Photo 6Quilt Coloring Photo 7Quilt Coloring Photo 7

The children were so excited today I actually had to stop and calm them down before we could go on with our work!  I enjoy sharing my love for quilting and was pleased to see these young children having so much fun with this project.

Happy Quilting,