Chain Quilting Thread Cutter

I picked up this awesome little tool while I was at the International Quilt Festival in Chicago. I set it aside for awhile as I was not working on projects using chain piecing.

Chain Quilting Thread Cutter Package

While working on chain piecing hundreds of 1½" squares together, I glanced over and saw this little gem... still in it's package... and thought I would give it a try.Chain Quilting Thread Cutter

It is an awesome, time-saving tool and now lives next to my sewing machine!! 

I've often thought having a third hand would be useful when having to cut the thread between the chained pieces. It is very time consuming to pick up a scissors or snips and cut the threads between each set. My new cutter saves time and effort. This cutter sits solidly on my table. All I have to do is place the thread in the slit at the top and touch it to the sharp blade (hidden safely away from my fingers) located in the opening.  

Back of Chain Quilting Thread Cutter Package

This little cutter is well worth the purchase price, quick, easy and safe to use. I can feel comfortable letting my little helpers, aka grandchildren, use this when they want to help. 

I can't imagine being without it now. In fact, I may order another so I have a spare in case one of my quilting friends wants to "borrow" it to try on their next project!!

Happy quilting,