Cascade, Quilting, Stamps

After the last time I talked about using Cascade to print fabric for quilting, I was disappointed to find that it became very difficult to find the large stamps needed for this project.

Now I'm doing a happy dance!!!  Michaels opened a new store near the Office Max I go to when I need office supplies.  I stopped in to see the new store and found a bunch of the big foam stamps that are perfect for the Cascade quilting.

Farm Animal StampsZoo Animal StampsInsect StampsPrincess StampsPirate Stamps

These stamps are nice and thick so they are easy to hold on to, are good quality and have nice detail.

Back of stamps

I love the fact that the back of each stamp shows a sketch of the stamp so you can easily position the stamp in the correct spot on the fabric.  You can also tell which stamp is which no matter how you store them, face down or face up!


I also found these great design rollers!!! Instead of stamping just one design,  they could be used to do one block or an entire border!!!  The first one has small flowers and dots, the second is squiggle lines, the next has castles, then grass and flowers and the last is butterflies.

Remember to use the gel Cascade containing bleach.  Apply Cascade to the stamp and press it on your fabric.  Allow it to sit for several minutes before rinsing thoroughly with cold water.  Let it sit to dry and admire your design.

Happy Quilting,  Laurel