Capture Your Quilts

Some people are really photo-bugs.  They seem to always have their camera with them at the most opportune times and catch the perfect pictures.  I envy them!!!  I'm the kind of person who forgets to bring the camera,  sees a great shot and says, "I wish I had my camera, that would be a great picture!" 

Several years ago I decided I wanted my own little camera that I could throw in my purse and take with me.  An inexpensive camera so if I damaged it I would not suffer guilt and regret for ruining an expensive piece of equipment.  I got my first digital camera and loved it.  It was simple to use, I learned how to print my own pictures, I learned how to post pictures to share with you and I wasn't afraid to take it with me.  I'm still not  the greatest photo-bug but I'm getting better. 

My poor camera is old and tired now.  The batteries don't hold a charge for very long, the shutter works slowly and I had no idea that my 4 mega pixels were so outdated!  My grandson loves having this camera now that my husband  bought a new one for me.  He gave it to me this week so I would have it for the holidays.  I think I'm in love.  My new camera is a Nikon s1000pj with 12 mega pixels and a built-in projector.  I got the best pictures at our Thanksgiving party and I can't wait to post pictures for you (one of the main reasons I wanted a better camera).  My family knows.....its all about the quilts!!!

I love taking pictures of my quilts, other people's quilts, my friends and I quilting, quilting classes etc.  I regret not taking pictures of every quilt I ever made. 

I have also discovered a neat little trick.  If you are in doubt about how the fabrics you choose for a project look together, lay them out and take a picture.  You don't even have to print the picture, just look at your picture and it will be clear if a fabric is not the perfect choice.  You can then replace it before ever cutting, sewing and being disappointed in the appearance of the finished block.

I would like to give you a piece of advice.....Capture Your Quilts with your camera.  Take pictures of every project you work on.  With the ease of using a digital camera you can keep a photo journal, scrapbook or digital file of your work with very little effort.  If I can do it you can do it and  there will come a day when you will be glad you did!!

Happy Quilting,