Buchanan Scarecrows 2010

My husband and I drove through Buchanan, Michigan today and saw all of the new scarecrows.  I think the committee outdid themselves this year.  The scarecrows are absolutely remarkable.  This group, as you can see, is by the "Welcome to Buchanan" sign.  This is a scene from the Mad Hatter's Tea Party from Alice in Wonderland.

Buchanan Scarecrow Photo 1

We made our ride into a little day trip.  We went to a craft fair and then went out to dinner with my sister and brother-in-law.

If you would like a nice ride, I encourage you to go through Buchanan.  The trees on the way there are starting to turn colors. The town is peaceful and offers many shopping opportunities and great places to stop for lunch or dinner.  And, of course, the scarecrows are a real treat.

Buchanan Scarecrow Photo 2Buchanan Scarecrow Photo 3

As we drove through town I thought we were going too fast and missing some of the charm of the scarecrows.  I had them stop the car and I jumped out.  This way  my sister and I could walk up and down the streets and we got really good pictures of these awesome works of art.

Everytime we went a few steps, we would see more scarecrows. The imagination and creativity involved in making these scarecrows is inspiring.

Buchanan Scarecrow Photo 4Buchanan Scarecrow Photo 5Buchanan Scarecrow Photo 6

I really have no hand in making these scarecrows.  The only part I take in their creation is to donate my batting scraps to help stuff them.  I can take no credit for their exsistance or creation but I adore looking at them and somehow feel like I have the teeniest connection to them!!!  I love seeing the scarecrows positioned by their new homes and am always to thrilled to see what the committee has come up with.

Buchanan Scarecrow Photo 7Buchanan Scarecrow Photo 8

I hope you get the chance to take a ride through Buchanan to see them for yourself because, as usual, the pictures really don't do them justice!

Enjoy this sampling of the wonderful scarecrows.

Happy Quilting,

Buchanan Scarecrow Photo 9Buchanan Scarecrow Photo 10Buchanan Scarecrow Photo 11