I had the pleasure of meeting, and being able to speak with, Jenny Doan of the Missouri Star Quilt Company while at the International Quilt Festival in Chicago last weekend.  She is a friendly, energetic, down-to-earth quilter who seems excited to share quilting with others.

If you have not yet checked them out, I strongly suggest that you do. Their new magazine BLOCK  is all information and no advertising! Yes, you read it advertising. Each one, so far, has given us ten patterns for quilts or quilted projects and loads of other tips, tricks and information. Jenny does tutorials and came up with the magazine as she realized that some people like to have the directions and patterns in their hand to go along with the tutorials. We had our picture taken together and I now have autographed copies of the first two issues.

You can subscribe to BLOCK and get back issues by visiting them at

Happy Quilting,