Blackford's Beauty

This is a beautiful quilt called Blackford's Beauty.  You can find the pattern for this quilt in the book entitled 101 Fabulous Rotary Cut Quilts. 

Quilt Photo 1

The quilter who made this quilt is a particularly precise piecer (say that three times fast).  Her points and corners are always crisp and clean.

Only three fabrics are needed to make this quilt.  This quilter used a white-on-white fabric for the background, a black on white for the diagonal grid-like pieces and an almost solid black print for the black pieces.  I quilted using all over swirls which really worked well and added the illusion of motion.  I also wanted to add strength to the quilt with close quilting since it was given to a young woman as a graduation gift and will likely get alot of use and perhaps be washed often.  It is important to consider all information available to you when deciding what quilting will be done to a particular quilt. 

The borders frame the body of the quilt very nicely.

Quilt Photo 2Quilt Photo 3Quilt Photo 4

The quilter  who made this quilt lives near Seattle, Washington.  She mails her quilt tops to me (I'm in Illinois) .  I quilt them and mail them back to her.  I have quilters in 17 different states and counting.  When  you mail a quilt or quilt top, make sure you pack it carefully and include identifying information inside the package.  Put the quilt or quilt top in a plastic bag inside the package to protect your precious quilt in the unlikely event that the package would get wet.  Insure the package --- just in case.  Finally, call your quilter and let her know your quilt is on its way!

Thank you, Tina, for allowing me to share your beautiful quilt.

Happy Quilting,