My husband and I just returned from an exciting, wonderful, happy, sad, tiring, relaxing trip!!!  We helped my sister and brother-in-law move to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

This is a bittersweet time for me because I will miss them dearly but I am very happy for them and I love their new place.  We are very good friends and quilting buddies.  Even though it is now going to be quite a drive and a little harder for us to get together, it is just a drive and will not require flying!  They are moving to a beautiful part of the country and will now be closer to two of their children and their families.

Back Yard Photo

They will be building their retirement home on this fabulous piece of property.  This  photo shows what the view is from what will be their back yard!!! You can almost see over the edge of the huge hill they will be on (perfect for sledding in the winter). The sky is clear and the air is fresh.

Although this was a busy trip (because of the move) and we didn't make a lot of stops,  I took my Quilter's Travel Companion with me and scoped out quilt shops along the way so I can stop and shop during future trips!!! 

It was great to make the drive with them, the first time,  and see where they will be living.  I feel confident that I will be able to make this drive by myself and will be able to plan a quilting week, or long weekend, rather than the quilting days we would have when they lived closer.

With a new house being built, there are going to have to be some new quilts created!!!

Happy Quilting,