Big Scissors

My sisters and I went on an adventure last weekend.  One of my sisters loves Vera Bradley.  I, of course, love anything quilted.  The three of us set off on an adventure to go to the Vera Bradley outlet sale in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  After several $$$$ worth of gas, several hours of travel, paid parking and a registration fee --- there were so many people in line that we couldn't even get near the building.  The waiting line went through two parking lots.  Up and down the rows, twisting for miles.  It was evident they knew they would be overcrowded as there were porta-potties set up  throughout the parking lots.  There were people as far as the eye could see.  We never found the end of the line.  We heard many stories about how many hours people had already waited in line.


After admitting defeat, we decided to make the most of our day together and have some fun.  We did some shopping, started heading back to my sister's house in Michigan, stopped for lunch, did some more shopping, laughed, joked, did some more shopping and shared stories with each other. 

While shopping, I found a fabric I've been looking for for quite some time.  The fabric will be used in a quilt for Autism. We decided the that the quilt will bring comfort to someone and without our change in plans that day, the fabric wouldn't have been found and the quilt wouldn't be created --- that made our crazy day have meaning.

I also purchased a big scissors.  It is an 18 inch long pair of scissors  (decoration) to hang on the wall of my studio!

We heard the next day that the sale had been shut down by the police and fire departments because they far exceeded the limits of people allowed in the facility.  We wondered if people who had waited in line for 6-8 hours were then asked to leave.

We were glad we spent the day together.  Glad to have found the fabric.  And glad I got the big scissors --- they make me smile!!!

Happy Quilting,