Best Wishes

I have been sorting through all of the signature squares for the wedding gift I am making.  Each guest at the reception was asked to sign a square for the happy couple to comemmorate this special day.  I hope you get an idea or two from the pictures I've included.  I laid the squares together, in sort of a collage arrangement so you can see some of them.  As you can see (I hope they are clear enough to see!), some people just sign their name or write a brief message while others include a sketch.

This is going to be a scrap quilt for their familyroom couch.  I will also add a few blank squares to the quilt top in case someone didn't make a square at the wedding reception and wants to add their thoughts to the quilt.  I will use a variety of fabrics and try to incorporate colors and themes that mean something to the couple or fit their personalities.

Wedding Picture Fabric 1Wedding Picture Fabric 2

Wedding Picture Fabric 3

I am anxious to start piecing!!    My plan is to get started after school, after the staff meeting tomorrow.

Happy Quilting,